Escape Room Games Are Growing in Popularity

exit game

Are you a person who enjoys teamwork, puzzles and working under pressure? Then escape room games which are highly growing in popularity will form a greater part of your favorite activities shortlist. And if you are thinking that you don’t like such things, you might be amazed to find yourself having a wonderful time trying to figure out your route from a locked room.

What are escape room games or exit games?

They are real life room escape games which are highly growing in popularity. Fundamentally, they function like this: a group is locked in a room and to get from the room they have to utilize all elements in the room. They have to solve puzzles and to find clues.

Possibly, you have played something more similar such as a mobile or a video game which include Forever Lost and The Room, but in this game your character begins inside a room which you must explore. Often, you will come across a box which will need a password to open and at other times you will come across a door which will need a key.

And with adequate searching, you will be able to figure out the codes successfully, open any locked container, root out any hidden object and passageway and finally walk your way into another room or to your freedom. There are games which are merely rooms without a particular theme but others are complex and feature horror elements, back-stories, and some other elements which players solves while advancing.

How they started

Basic game-play of having persons trapped in a location dates back to the John Wilson’s text adventure “Behind Closed Doors” which needed locking of players inside a room. The terms originated form the MOTAS game in the year 2001 even though there are several older examples of the point and click variations like Noctropolis. The Japanese Toshimitsu Takagi’s game “Crimson Room” further popularized the terms in 2004 and today the game has spread throughout the internet and you can also find them in many gaming websites.

Some interesting things about them

escape room gameIn these escape room games you will have fun in addition to challenges and defeats. Moreover, there are rooms that market themselves as the team building exercises and they do offer observations later on how each group cooperated.


When playing these games, you should wear comfy clothing since some of the exit rooms will need you to crawl through some narrow spaces. Furthermore, there might be lots of standing, sitting and searching for things on the floor.


You have to communicate! And when entering every room, you will hear this. Anytime you solve a puzzle you will need to inform your group. You will also inform them whenever you are in need of help and when you have found a clue. For example, you may be having a box that won’t open until you have put in the correct five letter word, but a group member might have found out a secret passage on a book with circled five letter word, you won’t put the two pieces together unless you talk.

You will work as a team

While in the game, signing a leader to keep track of the ongoing activities is important. Furthermore, there are rooms that will need you to start by putting together a team while others will simply pair you with other individuals who have bought a similar time slot. You will have to use your time outside to make introductions and to figure out where each individual will fit.

You will work to save time

Putting every clue you find in an easily accessible place is very important. The games need you to group all the similar items together. After you have solved or used something, you will need to designate another field as a discard lot. No one will want to spend time working on something that someone else has already solved. Remember that only groups that listen think and co-operate win.

Why participate in the games

It is a new game trend amongst the young families, professionals and students. It is more fun and important since you will develop more skills which you need in your professional world. Some of the benefits you get by playing these games include:

  • Growth of cognitive and visual abilities since you will use your brain to the fullest.
  • Increased capability of resolving physical, logical, visual and mathematical problems.
  • You will learn how to work in a team and also how to form deeper connections.
  • You will experience a game immersion experience: just like you were a part of the video games that you love most.

The bottom line

If you would like to start thinking on your feet or to make immediate and effective decisions, then you should consider experiencing an escape room game. By doing this you will improve your self esteem and that of others.